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People come for individual therapy for many different reasons.  Many clients desire a deep change in their lives that will move them into a new way of living or being in the world.  I use varied approaches to support clients, and as your therapist, I will seek to use the most skillful means possible to meet you where you are and help you move along the path that is best suited for your growth.  Having worked with clients for over a decade, I rely heavily on my intuition and depth of experience to discern where a client may be stuck, what their belief systems are, and how they might begin to reclaim or discover their power.  I listen intently to see where a person might stifle their authentic voice and work to create a space so they can begin to listen to their inner guidance and move through the fear that can bind and limit them.


When appropriate, I support clients in learning how to contain themselves and use a healthy working boundary so they can begin to understand the impact they have on others. My focus on family of origin work is in intended to help you understand why you may behave the way you do and begin to bridge the child within and move into your life as a full-grown adult.  Over and over again I witness clients begin to move in the world from a more creative, authentic, fluid place rather than a rigid, fixed perspective seeing mainly in black and white.  When this shift begins to occur we have the ability to be in relationship with the world from a place of choice and possibility.


In working with clients who have experienced trauma in their childhood, I have found Pia Mellody’s therapeutic model essential in supporting clients as they move from a place of survival to creativity.  This work involves learning and embodying self-esteem, healthy boundaries, one’s own voice, moderation, and self-care.  Over the last two decades, I have trained in multiple therapeutic and healing modalities that have influenced who I am as a therapist and healer. For more information on my practice, please look at my Modalities page.

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I also counsel younger couples seeking to improve their communication, connection and relational skills. For these couples coming to therapy does not mean their relationship is bad and suffering.  Many of these couples have a vision for a fantastic relationship and are willing to seek therapy before things ever go sour. Whatever your situation, couples counseling can offer a powerful space for breaking out of unhealthy patterns and creating a new way of being in relationship to one another.

The truth is that many of us grew up in households in which we were not taught how to be healthy in relationships. What we observed, how we were parented, and what was present or absent in our upbringing can impact us deeply. But we do not have to be destined to follow in the footsteps of our parents or endlessly create unhappy, unfulfilling relationships..  As a therapist, I have witnessed couples work through deep wounds and challenges to create real change in their lives. You too have this potential. If the desire and willingness to work deeply on your relationship is present, you too have the capacity to create something new.

In couples work I will support you in establishing healthy patterns, developing practical skills, and exploring the belief systems that affect your relationship.  I will also focus on issues or trauma related to your family of origin that may unconsciously influence your interactions. A primary purpose of couples’ therapy is to learn more about yourself, your partner, and the patterns that keep you locked in unhealthy cycles.  As your therapist, you can expect from me truthful and compassionate challenging to deepen self-reflection and accountability for personal growth and change.

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