About Andrea
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About Andrea


I am a psychotherapist specializing in couples and individual counseling. I am also a Somatic Experiencing practitioner, which means I integrate body-centered therapies into my work. My passion is to help clients uncover their power, find their true voice, and live with courage and resilience.


For many reasons it can be difficult to make the changes we seek in our lives. I support people who long to feel connected in their relationships and who want to be free from patterns that bind them.

In my work, I focus on teaching healthy relational skills, which includes healing core wounds and freeing ourselves from the fears that control our life choices. I believe that personal and relational empowerment is central to growth, and as your therapist, I will attune to pointing out these opportunities.

My practice holistically integrates insights and therapeutic modalities from several sources. My intention is to offer the interventions that will best support you on your path towards wholeness and change.


I know from my own healing path how beneficial it was for me to have someone act as a guide supporting me with compassion, honesty, and wisdom.

I offer this care and dedication to the people who see me. If you are looking to make deep changes in your life, contact me.


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