Andrea Quast-Mortello | Healing and Therapy
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Andrea Quast-Mortello, LCSW, SEP

Andrea is a Psychotherapist that specializes in couples and individual counseling. She is also a Somatic Experiencing practitioner, which integrates body-centered therapies into her work. Her passion is for helping clients towards unearthing their power, finding their true voice and living life with courage and resiliency.


Come and explore two upcoming workshops. Empowering the Feminine Within – Awakening our Divine Feminine Archetypes and Healing Your Core Issues – Based on the Treatment Model Developed by Pia Mellody called Survivors.


Start your journey towards wholeness and understanding. Individual and couples counseling is a powerful way o explore who you have been and who you wish to become. Make deep changes, challenge your belief systems, step out of fear. Learn and practice relational empowerment.


My practice holistically integrates insights and therapeutic modalities from several sources. My intention is to offer the interventions that will best support you on your path towards wholeness and change.


Offices In Portland, Maine and Kingston, New York

Now offering appointments in Portland Maine (Tuesday-Thursday) and in Kingston, New York (Friday-Saturday).  If we are unable to meet in person I am available to work with you by phone or Skype.


  • Empowering the Feminine Within

    A 7-week healing workshop series connecting to the empowered self and awakening our Divine Feminine Archetypes within Wednesdays, 7pm to 9pm, beginning April 25, 2018 Thi...

  • Healing Our Core Issues Workshop | May 11-13

    Based on the Treatment Model Developed by Pia Mellody called Survivors May 11-13, 2018 – 3 Day Workshop 9am until 6:30pm Women only Facilitated by Jan Bergstrom, LM...

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