Andrea Quast-Mortello | Healing Our Core Issues Workshop | May 11-13
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Healing Our Core Issues Workshop | May 11-13

Healing Our Core Issues Workshop | May 11-13

Based on the Treatment Model Developed by Pia Mellody called Survivors

May 11-13, 2018 – 3 Day Workshop
9am until 6:30pm
Women only
Facilitated by Andrea Quast-Mortello, LCSW, SEP

Healing Our Core Issues is a 3-day long workshop that investigates the origins of adult dysfunctional behaviors. In this revolutionary educational and experiential process, participants learn to identify and address those early childhood issues, which have fueled various addictions, depression, eating disorders and painful relationships. The program is not about blaming caregivers; it is about getting in touch with the feelings that follow any less-than-nurturing event, which occurred in the past, and resolving the grief and pain. The “Healing Our Core Issues” Workshop in separated into four phases:

Didactic Phase – During this phase participants will learn about healthy boundaries and how, as a child, their boundaries were violated. They will also learn about the roles they played in the family system and how that affects them. Participants will begin to understand the relationship between the child and the parent as perceived by the child and how that shows up today in their lives.

Debriefing Phase – This phase consists of delving into the past and recalling any difficult memories and/or abusive childhood experiences and connecting to those feelings. Also understanding the family system and getting a clearer map on what was happening in their family of origin.

Experiential Phase – Working with an experienced therapist, participants will re-experience their childhood memories in a safe environment. They will release painful emotions through using “Inner Child” connecting work and through “Feelings Reduction” energy work to begin to reclaim their rights and personal power.

Ongoing Recovery and Empowerment Strategies – Participants will receive a set of strategies, tools, and resources to make permanent these empowering principles in their daily lives.


Workshop Cost $1050.00
Limited to 4 participants
Workshop location: Portland, Maine, exact location TBA